• Jordan Hayter

Bat Out of Hell embarks on its UK tour

Are you “All Revved Up with No Place to Go”? Then make like a “Bat Out of Hell” and head to the New Wimbledon Theatre to watch this crazy, rock'n'roll musical.

Bat Out of Hell, created by and based on the legendary music of Jim Steinman and the recently deceased Meat Loaf. It combines the classic musical with hardcore elements of rock’n’roll, providing loud music, pyrotechnics, and confetti cannons. The atmosphere of the whole show has the audience buzzing with excitement as they don’t know what is going to happen next, what these unpredictable characters with come up with. The music is truly within people's hearts, and you can feel it when you are sat in that theatre, especially when the Act 1 showstopper of Bat Out of Hell begins. You can feel the excitement spread through the theatre.

The show includes such hits as “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” and “Dead Ringer for Love”.

The story may confuse some people on first watch, with the plot loosely retelling the story of Peter Pan in a post-apocalyptic setting but the actors perform it so extravagantly that you get completely lost in the madness. The story is definitely the weakest part of the show, with not much actually happening in terms of plot and development until act 2, where it is too late to get into it.

The music is truly the driving force to see the show, as the songs alone are legendary and are performed amazingly by the talented cast. The amount of difficulty in some of the vocals is truly impressive and the cast take this in their stride. The choreography that accompanies these performances is also very special, with a contemporary unique style with hints of ballet, jazz, and street.

Stand out performances for me were returning cast members Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton as Falco and Sloane. All their scenes together were well performed, and their voices merge together beautifully. Their comedic timing together, probably from performing alongside each other in the show for a longer period of time was my favourite part, especially their performance of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”

Bat Out of Hell is running at the New Wimbledon Theatre until the 29th of January, where it will continue its tour of the UK.

Glenn Adamson as Strat and the Cast of Bat Out Of Hell in BAT OUT OF HELL THE MUSICAL Photo credit: Chris Davis Studio