• Andrea Jenkins

Brain tumour awareness day

A brain tumour awareness conference will be held by the Hillingdon Brain Tumour and Injury Charity on Friday, March 25.

Invitation poster for Hillingdon Brain Tumour & Injury Group Awareness Conference

The event will take place at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge from 9am to 1pm, followed by a networking lunch.

There will be speakers from different neurological backgrounds, including healthcare professionals, charities and councillors from areas of Hillingdon, and they will discuss the effects of brain tumours.

Clients will also share their experiences of living with a brain tumour. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness to the impact that brain tumours can have, to educate and network, in order to help people work together as it can make a huge difference to their lives.

Signs and symptoms can include nausea, personality changes, seizures, headaches, loss of taste and smell, tiredness, numbness of limbs and changes in vision or speech.

The event is open to the public. For further information, contact the charity on 07936120465 or elliebraintumourinjurycharity@gmail.com or visit: https://hbtg.org.uk