• Jordan Hayter

One-Woman Spectacle “Pickle” Opens at London’s Park Theatre in May

AUDIENCES can expect bagels, self-deprecation and a large dose of Jewish guilt

Pickle brochure pic

The darkly comic one-woman show, performed and written by Deli Segal, tells the story of Ari, a Jewish woman still living at home with her parents and struggling through life; caught between two conflicting worlds.

Pickle also has a group of Jewish women forming its creative team. The production is part of the “Come What May” festival, along with 15 other shows.

“Pickle is all about one woman’s experience of reconciling belief and tradition with change,” said writer and star Deli Segal, adding that: “the vibrancy, the spirit, the richness of culture, the humour of Jewish life – those things often get lost in the conversation. Pickle brings them all to the stage.”

Pickle shall begin performances at Park Theatre on Monday 2nd May 2022.

Tickets are available at: https://parktheatre.co.uk/