• Melina Rauter

Public encouraged to join woodland moth hunt

Updated: May 20

MOTH enthusiasts, conservationists, and the public will flock to the woods for the UK's annual Moth Night event this week.

The annual celebration of moths is organised by Atropos, Butterfly Conservation, and the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and will run on the days and nights from Thursday May 19 to Saturday May 21.

Moth Night celebrates the unsung heroes of our natural wildlife, the 2,500 species of UK moths who serve as plant pollinators and crucial food for many other animals. This year’s event will feature a woodland theme seeing as it is a vital habitat for the moths.

Mark Tunmore, editor of the journal Atropos and Moth Night founder, says: “At this time of year, woodlands are at their colourful best and so are their moth inhabitants, with a wide range of beautiful species on the wing.

“We are also encouraging daytime moth hunts this year as there are many day-flying species to be seen, including the stunning Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth, Speckled Yellow and Argent & Sable.”

If you want to take part in Moth Night, specialist equipment to attract moths is not needed. Just simply leave outside lights on, spray a 'sugar' mixture on fence posts, or dangle a red wine-soaked rope over bushes.

For more information visit www.mothnight.info