• Simi Chawla

Volunteers help to keep Hillingdon free of litter

Volunteer: Edmund Cashmore, 8. Picture by Simi Chawla

THE Hillingdon Litter Pickers (HLP) are urging residents to keep their streets clean, following their latest litter picking effort.

Catherine Cashmore, a volunteer part of the HLP, said there are a number of “hotspots” of litter in the area, with food waste being the most common item the group has to deal with. Other common items include beer cans, cigarette packages and plastic wraps.

The group’s strangest find was 12 supermarket shopping trolleys, which were dumped in a local river. According to the HLP, it took the team two hours to pull out all of the trolleys.

Cashmore said: “Everyone should do their bit. Why would you make your rubbish someone else’s responsibility? If you can carry your bottles of beer to your picnic, you can dispose of them after too.”

Cashmore’s eight-year-old son, Edmund Cashmore, also volunteers once a week to help “save the world” and “keep the area where I live tidy and clean”.

The group went on to explain how many areas of Hillingdon, including Hayes, are zones for late night drinkers.

The community minded people said they took the time to trim down some of the foliage by the canal, in order to make the area safer.

They also attached bin bags to tree trunks to leave “no excuse” for leaving clutter. HLP said through these changes, they have seen a noticeable change in the amount of waste.

Over 800 people are a part of the group, with up to 30 weekly active volunteers who go about cleaning rivers, parks, roundabouts and highways in the borough. The volunteers said they were “very grateful” to Hillingdon Council for the support they have given by providing an equipment grant, pick up points and rubbish bags.


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