• Matthew Dooley

Warning over converter thefts


Drivers have been warned to watch out for thieves who steal catalytic converter from under their cars.

In a new social media campaign, Hillingdon Police have warned that theft of the converters is on the rise. And they warn that hybrid cars are a particular target.

Thieves steal the converters for their valuable metal content and the sell them to scrapyards or ship them out of the country.

Hybrid cars are more likely to be targeted as they contain the most valuable metals.

Catalytic converters, which are devices located under cars, remove some of the toxic fumes produced by a car’s exhaust and most cars have them.

It is common for thieves to steal from workplace carparks during the day and residential homes during the night.

The best way to protect your car from converter theft is to park it in a garage— however, if this is not possible, the police recommend asking your car dealer approved guards or locks.

The Automobile Association claimed that more than half of converter thefts occur in Greater London.

The organisation has also noted that breakdowns due to missing converters have skyrocketed.

From 2013 to 2018 there were more than 6000 reports of converter thefts in the UK.


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