• Alice Anghel

Storm Eunice Aftermath in Hillingdon

STORM Eunice caused havoc in parts of Hillingdon, causing trees to fall down and block pathways and roads for cars and pedestrians.

A tree came down on Long Lane in Hillingdon on Wednesday February 23, blocking a three-lane junction.

Police were called to action, and were able to remove the tree from the road safely.

James Carson-Kerrigan, community campaigner and Managing Director of Hillingdon Vision, captured a snapshot of the scene. Shown below.

Fallen tree blocking three lane junction, captured by James Carson-Kerrigan from Hillingdon Vision

The video below, also captured by Hillingdon Vision, shows the road being temporarily blocked off by the police.


Violet Avenue had its own fallen tree on Tuesday February 22, blocking the pedestrian pathway, in the opposite direction of the parked cars.

Mansur Ahmed, Royal Lane, shared a photo of the location. Shown below.

A tree fell and blocked the pedestrian pathway. Captured by Mansur Ahmed on Tuesday

Following the record breaking 80 to 90 miles per hour winds in London on 18th February, Storm Eunice is now joined by Storm Franklin, being the third storm to hit the UK in the past week.

With flash floods, electrical power cuts, and flying wheelie bins across the country, the winds have slowed down within the borough of Hillingdon to an average speed of 25 miles per hour, according to UK Met Office.

The UK Met Office has put out a ‘Yellow Weather Warning’, signalling strong winds across Northeast England through Wednesday and Thursday.


While the wind has slowed down significantly since Friday February 18, the UK Met Office has issued wind warnings and disruptions are expected to occur again in Hillingdon from 12:00am to 21:00 on Thursday February 24.

Storm Eunice, in force with Storm Franklin, are expected to bring gusts of 35 and 30 miles per hour, significantly less than the 122 miles per hour gusts from last week.

As per warnings last week, the following disruptions and dangers are expected:

  • Flying debris

  • Damage to buildings and homes

  • Roofs of buildings being blown off

  • Power lines falling

  • Roads and bridges could face partial closure

  • Closure and delays on travel - bus, train, ferries, and flights

The Hillingdon Council Press Office and the London Fire Brigade have been contacted for further comment.