• Lali Adhikari

Sustainable Sari design for Platinum Jubilee

Updated: May 20

THE World’s first Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari design, chosen by internationally renowned fashion designer Paul Costelloe, is to be displayed on two four-metre-high mannequins as a part of Jubilee celebrations.

Designer Paul Costelloe with Model Ueda, Picture Credit: Lali Adhikari

As a mark of the Jubilee celebration, the Sari will be draped on two four-meter-high mannequins. The fabric of the Sari is made from recycled plastic bottles, which were melted and later converted into pallets and spun into yarn. The Sari consists of minute details to represent the Queen's favorite things. The English culture for example, The Buckingham Palace printed on the border of the entire Sari, playful corgis, and a garden party theme.

Paul Costelloe said: “I am delighted from an impromptu meeting with Ajay from a Pub in Putney. We have achieved the impossible, introducing the creative spirit of Arts University Bournemouth with the centuries-old tradition of the Indian Sari shown on two enormous puppets. An extraordinary project and a great thrill working with Ajay and his team at Nutkhut.”

Arts University Bournemouth students specially designed the Platinum Jubilee Sari along with Simmy Gupta and Ajay Chhabra, Co-Artistic Directors of award-winning arts organisation Nutkhut, to respect Her Majesty The Queen as the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee with 70 years of service.

Ajay Chabra said: “Simmy and I have decided to take on Sari which is an iconic attire and worn by half a billion people around the world, and sari was first mentioned in the Rig Veda 2000 years ago. The idea was due to climate change and global warming I want to create something that depict iconic attire that represent the Queen’s favourite and something sustainable as well.”

Simmy Gupta said: “To re-imagine the Sari, a timeless garment for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant, is both an honour and a joy! We have been playful yet considerate in our designs and to collaborate with Paul Costelloe and for that outcome to be presented on sustainable fabric is a true legacy for our future generations.”

The Platinum Jubilee Pageant, as part of the extended Bank Holiday Weekend, will take place on Sunday June 5, to provide an opportunity for communities and people to celebrate the historic milestone of Her Majesty The Queen. The four days of celebrations will include public events and community activities, as well as national moments of reflection on The Queen’s reign of seven decades.