• Melina Rauter

The Met Police’s new and enhanced strategy plan to combat violence against women and girls

Updated: Apr 22

THE Met police has published its updated action plan to help tackle violence set against women and girls in London.

With more than 1,400 Londoners giving input, feedback, and pitching ideas, the Met was able to refine its draft plan before releasing the final action plan on Monday, April 4th.

The action plan aims to tie together all of the Met's operation in public spaces, in domestic settings, and on the internet. It also focuses on enhancing the professional standards of its officers and personnel, as well as identifying and disciplining those who engage in improper behavior.

Assistant Commissioner Louisa Rolfe said: “We have listened carefully. The feedback was clear. Londoners want to see more about the work we're doing to build trust with women and girls across London so they can be confident that when they report violence and abuse we will take it seriously. This is really important to us too and we have set out how we will achieve this in our plan. “

Since the original draught of their Violence Against Women Action Plan, the Met has said it accomplished a great deal, including:

  • The arrest of more than 3,200 individuals, with more than 1,890 of those detained for domestic abuse.

  • The deployment of more unformed officers in hotspot regions notorious for violence against women and girls and places where people may feel unsafe, as well as increased patrols of open spaces around London.

  • The addition of 650 officers to operate in town centers and high streets to reduce crime and boost community confidence.

  • The cooperation with the Crown Prosecution Service to reduce the time it takes for survivors to receive justice and improve the support provided to them.

  • The provision of specialised training to their officers in order to improve the initial response to domestic violence and to assist them in recognising the indicators of coercive and controlling behavior.