• Lali Adhikari

The Truth has been Unmasked.

Finally, the wait is over. The Batman is released, and it is worth the hype. The Batman, a dark genre movie directed by Matt Reeves, in which the hero dons a cape and cowl, Batmobile and cool gadgetry are combined into the gritty noir surfaces of a long-windedly plotted detective story with spooky sounding ensembles enunciating "Ave Maria" over the score over and over. Driven with power and an attractive jawline structure by Robert Pattinson as a Dark Knight, this aggressive reboot is grounded in contemporary reality and centres around the dirty and horrible sequential murder case that amplifies the Gotham City scenario corruptions, and crimes have gotten malicious.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Olley/ ™ & © DC

As a Batman, Robert Pattinson did a great deal of job. His portrayal as Bruce Wayne and the alter ego Batman was enigmatic. Pattinson did full justice to his character without any second thought, and he looked confident, impressive, and sturdy while portraying his role. Unlike other Batman actors before, Pattinson's Batman was more in-costume screen timing in the movie. It was a classy and exclusive representation of cape crusader by Pattinson. Batman wanders into Gotham City's hidden world when a serial killer leaves behind a path of secretive pieces of information. As the proof leads nearer to home and the perpetrator's main motive become more precise, he should produce new connections, expose the offender, and carry equity to the maltreatment of force and defilement that has long tormented the city. Matt Reeves has taken the superhero movie's full responsibility with a similar earnestness he committed to his other projects. The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Jaffrey Wright as lead is almost three hours in length, extremely light on jokes, and flush with the horrid sign set in shadowy rear entryways, horrendous crime locations, and damp horde home bases. To be put plainly, it is a film that would mesmerize all DC fans.