• Soumik Saha

Covid-19 cases drop but more people are in hospital

THE number of Covid-19 cases in Hillingdon dropped at the start of autumn -— but there was a slight increase in the amount of people being admitted to hospital.

With approximately 110 cases being detected every day, the total number of Covid-19 cases detected in the week which marked the end of September and the beginning of October was 715.

The number was 122 fewer than the third week of September and a dip of almost 15%.

However, four people who were tested positive within the last 28 days died between September 27 and October 3, 2021, in Hillingdon.

The borough has also experienced a three per cent increase in hospitalisation during the period.

Hillingdon houses more than 300,000 residents. Of these, 73.2 per cent of the population have received their first jab by the beginning of October 2021, while 67 per cent have received both their doses.

The seven-day average of Covid-19 positive cases detected in England during the beginning of October was 27,465, while 67.3% of the population was fully vaccinated by then.

As per the national influenza and Covid-19 surveillance report published by Public Health England at the end of September 2021, indicators suggested that at a national level Covid-19 activity remained stable in most areas during the last half of September. During the period, case rates were highest in those aged 10 to 19, with a seven-day rate of 1084.2 per 100,000 population. The lowest case rates were in those aged 80 and above, with a seven-day rate of 84.4 per 100,000 population.

Seven-day case rates per 100,000 population were highest in the East Midlands at 440.4, while case rates per 100,000 were lowest in London with a 7-day rate of 201.9.

Meera Chand, Covid-19 Incident Director at Public Health England, said: “As we approach winter, everyone should keep following the simple steps to protect ourselves and others. The best way to protect yourself and others against Covid-19 is to get the vaccine – please make sure to get it if you are eligible.”

Hillingdon Council is also urging residents to get vaccinated against flu. Research shows that if a person gets flu and Covid-19 simultaneously, it may lead to dire consequences.