• Melina Rauter

Hillingdon placed 9th out of 33 for recycling efforts

The Recycling League Table for London municipalities has been revealed with the borough of Hillingdon coming in 9th place out of 33 with a recycling rate of 37.3%.

Today, March 18 is global recycling day, created in 2018 to raise awareness of the importance of recycling for conserving our valuable natural resources and ensuring the planet's future. It is a Day for the entire world to unite and prioritize the earth.

"The recycling results from London don’t make for pretty viewing" says Lauren Churcher, from Priory Direct. She goes on to add that with urgent global action required, we all have been urged to do our part in helping the environment.

Priory Direct is a green packaging supplier that assists and helps over 28,000 shops in the UK make environmentally friendly packaging. 

Their objective is to "make ecommerce a truly sustainable industry through raising awareness of the importance of sustainability in consumers' and businesses' minds, providing access to innovative sustainable solutions.".

According to Priory Direct, who published the Recycling League Table results, the choices are endless to start leading a more eco-friendly and green life, from simple things like turning appliances off instead of keeping them on standby all the way to lowering meat intake or going vegan.

For the full report of the London Local Authority Recycling League Table and more information, visit Priority Direct at: https://www.priorydirect.co.uk/help-advice-centre/london-local-authority-recycling-league-table/


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