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I couldn't find a bib for my baby - so I started my own business

YOUNG designer Rhian Thompson set up her own company because she was so disappointed that she couldn’t find the perfect bib to match her baby’s medical condition.

Now, just under three years later, the Northwood-based firm called Bibevie is still going strong and is expanding its operations with a second range of bibs.

Rhian Thompson, founder of Bibevie / Pictures from: Farlie Photography

Rhian, now 32, founded the business after her daughter Evie, born in 2019, developed ankyloglossia, commonly known as a ‘tongue tie’, a condition that restricts the tongue’s range of motion.

Baby in the Bibevie bib

Rhian was convinced that there had to be something on the market that would help her daughter’s condition, but after spending a long time searching and not finding anything, she decided to start her own business.

She said: “I was frustrated with any bibs that worked or looked good, every baby needs a dribble bib, I found it amazing that nothing had been done and it seemed like an easy fix.”

Her solution was to create an eco-friendly product with the use of organic cotton and bamboo, all while keeping an aesthetic factor.

Rhian said: “I wanted it to work together as a unifying piece.” The mechanism of securing clips, with a double-layered bib meant that they stay in place instead of swaying side to side.

The ‘problem-solving baby clothes’ are one of a kind, considering no one in the UK is doing what Bibevie is doing, according to Rhian.

The idea came to her while juggling new motherhood, and she said she was actually “nervous as it was completely new to me and I never had any prior experience in the fashion industry”.

Although it has only been operating since April 2019, the business is already widely recognised. Just months after its launch, Bibevie was selected for #SmallBiz100, Small Business Saturday, which showcases inspiring, independent entrepreneurs across the country.

“It was so exciting to be recognised as sustainable, and being planet conscious was the main focus of their campaign. Being chosen felt very inspirational,” added Rhian.

Rhian’s long term business plans include launching another range of different outfits with coordinating bibs that are currently being sampled. One of her main priorities is to keep an eye out for any ‘baby problems’ as she is keen for suggestions of any kind to tackle the challenges within the baby market.

“Owning your own business and being your own boss allows you to experience freedom and being open to new ideas.”

For more details about the company, go to www.Bibevie.com


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