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Laughing gas, rats and things that go bang in the night


Leader of the Labour group

THE Labour group has spent the summer listening to the resident’s concerns across the borough here are a few of the issues that residents have raised with us are:

Silver Canisters Littering the streets

The huge amount of silver canisters and balloons that litter the streets and open spaces from Northwood to Hayes. These silver canisters are containers for nitrous oxide, sometimes called laughing gas. Nitrous oxide has legal uses but it is also used illegally as a psychoactive substance.

Your Labour councillors believe that this is such a problem that the council needs to run an awareness campaign, improve the investigation of the illegal sales of nitrous oxide, improve the enforcement of the illegal use and improve the litter management.

Unfortunately the Conservative councillors do not think that this is a problem for residents in the borough and refused to agree to the pro-active measures we put forward. We will, however, continue to raise this matter at every opportunity and to represent the residents in their desire for someone to do something about it.


Fireworks are popular at this time of year, and they can add fun to special occasions and mark religious and cultural holidays. But for many people, fireworks can cause distress.

Pets, older people, very young children, and disabled people can all be severely affected by irresponsible use of fireworks. As councillors, we receive many complaints at this time of year about fireworks going on into the early hours of the morning, and them being too loud.

Your Labour councillors have raised this issue in the council chamber with the aim of better awareness and enforcement or noise nuisance, however the Conservative councillors all voted down our proposals because they claimed that it was “unnecessary”.

If you will be using fireworks this year, we encourage you to talk to your neighbours who may be affected to let them know of your plans and the time that the fireworks will be going off.

It is prohibited to use fireworks at night (between 11pm and 7am) on most days, with an extension up until midnight for Guy Fawkes night and 1am for Diwali, New Year’s Eve and The Chinese New Year. If you are experiencing problems from fireworks, you can report it directly on the council’s website, or by phoning 01895 250111.

Rats and Litter

A common issue that residents have raised with us is that of the increase in rat infestations and the ever-increasing amount of litter on our streets. Your Labour councillors have raised both these issue in the council chamber.

While we take these issues seriously, the Conservative councillors trivialised them, indeed a Conservative councillor tried to make light of the rat problem, by making some ill-advised comments linking the Chinese year of the rat with the Covid pandemic.

I can assure you that we, do not think the concerns of the residents are unnecessary, trivial, or not deserving of action.

We will continue to listen to you and work for a better Hillingdon.