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Dogs cursed with 'Lockdown Anxiety'

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Almost a third of London’s dogs are suffering from anxiety due to lockdown, according to a recent survey.

The study says that 32% of dog owners in London believe their dogs have become more anxious over the last year. This compares to 28% across the UK.

Opinion Matters conducted the survey of 1,005 UK owners on the behalf of Purina Petcare throughout October 2021 to raise awareness of the link between the dogs’ gut and their brains and their behaviour.

Regarding her miniature schnauzer, Rory, actress, presenter and TV chef Lisa Faulkner stated: “I know good nutrition is important for Rory’s health, but I didn’t realise the health of the bacteria in her tummy was so closely linked to her brain function. I think it’s important that owners are aware of the need to feed a good quality diet to dogs to help them have a healthy mind and a happy life.”

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Actress, presenter and TV chef Lisa Faulkner holding Rory


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