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Summer of love in Uxbridge


A TOWN centre festival to celebrate the end of lockdown was such a hit that organisers want to repeat it next year. The month-long Love Summer Festival was opened on July 24 with stalls and attractions set up in Uxbridge town centre.

It included various entertainment zones like live band performances, car shows, market stalls, and a wide range of eateries and accessories. The festival was organised by Uxbridge Business Improvement District (BID). Kira Gibson, the BID’s Marketing and Events manager, said: “We wanted to help bring life and people back into our town centre and after 18 difficult months we are beyond thrilled with the outcome. She added: “We’ve loved every minute of it and promise to come back next year. Although, this event wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible town centre and community businesses who always attempt to make Uxbridge an even better place.” Among the attractions was a stall boasting a classic liquor collection from The Crown and Treaty gin and Prosecco bar.

“The response of the public was amazing and so was the experience. Almost everyone quenched their thirst with our special malfy gin and loved the prosecco as well, which made us extremely proud and happy,” said Ashley, who works at the pub in Oxford Road, Uxbridge.

Daqui the owner of Daqui Handicrafts was pleased by the sales and the public reaction to his stall. He said, during the festival: “We are here at the summer market to promote our products, which is all South American stuff and is handmade in Ecuador. People are impressed by our collection and the fancy stuffs are loved by the kids too.”

  • What did you think of the Love Summer Festival and what would you like to see in it next year if it is repeated? Email hillingdonherald@ brunel.ac.uk


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