• Melina Rauter

Hook up to create the biggest blanket

The hunt is on to find sewing volunteers to help Charville library crochet together the biggest blanket that the people of Hillingdon have ever laid their eyes on.

“We want to create the biggest home-made blanket our borough has ever seen, and we're well on our way to that goal!” said Nathan Brown, the Branch Manager at the library in Bury Avenue, hayes.

The Great Mindful Stitch-a-thon is a time-limited event for this years Heart Month and the Charville Library is encouraging locals to unwind themselves and “spend a mindful moment making a granny square for a good cause”.

Every year, the London Borough of Hillingdon commemorates Heart Month, with all the borough’s 17 libraries playing a vital role in promoting awareness for health.

Photo credit: Charville Library

The Great Mindful Stitch-a-thon is only one of the many activities Charville Library offers to help advocate for all types of health, both physical and mental, to the local community.

Mr Brown commented that “I took up knitting in the first lockdown and I've slowly learned exactly why so many people find stitching so wonderfully restful and relaxing! Our hope is that The Great Mindful Stitch-a-thon will open up this fun activity to new people, allow residents to enjoy a mindful moment during Heart Month and help a worthy cause.“

Branch Manager Nathan Brown and Library Assistant Gursharan Virdee who masterminded the project

The library has already asked for the community’s help throughout Heart Month in February to stitch and crochet together multiple 6-inch squares which now will be turned into what the library hopes to be the most “epic blanket” ever, with the help of their residents.

The final blanket will be on exhibit in Uxbridge Library later this year, along with the names of those who helped and some of their encouraging words on why they enjoy knitting and crocheting so much. The blanket will then be separated into several smaller blankets for the Mayor to donate to his charity of choice.

To volunteer, contact the library: charville-library@hillinhdon.gov.uk, telephone 0195 558296